Used scooters

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BUY Approved Used- high quality scooters & stairlifts in our Saltash Store OR Direct- products direct from another seller listing on our website

Approved Used

All of our Approved Used scooters and Stairlifts have been through extensive pre- sale checks and maintenance to ensure they are of the highest standard and are sold with a guarantee:

· Full service to include all recommended electrical & mechanical checks and lubrication

· Upholstery checks

· Frame, seat frame, structure checks

· Bodywork inspection and replacement if required

· Corrosion/ accident/ chassis damage inspection

· Battery test- any batteries operating at less than 96% capacity will be replaced

· Charger and charging capacity tests. A new charger will be included if necessary

· Tyres/ wheels checked for signs of degradation and replaced if required.

· Hand grips checked and new fitted if necessary or applicable

· Fully cleaned, valeted and polished

· Full operational test of all features

We can also offer warranties, as well as arranging service packages to ensure your product stays in top condition. Peace of mind can be assured through insurance, and full breakdown cover if desired.


This is an opportunity for you to buy a product direct from another seller anywhere in the UK. Please note that we have not checked the quality of any scooter being advertised by a Direct seller. It is your own responsibility to thoroughly assess the product being offered and agree payment terms directly with the seller.


We can buy your used Scooter or Stairlif t or we can advertise your product on our website for you.

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