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Travel / Folding scooters are ideal for people who need to transport their scooter on a regular basis. They are lightweight and can be easily folded up to fit in the boot of a car. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They typically have the following features:

RRP: £3,187.00 £1,900.00 £2,280.00 inc VAT
The Liteway 8 is the only 8mph (road legal Class 3) folding scooter on the market. This transportable, aluminium scooter that has been especially designed...

RRP: £1,620.00 £655.00 £786.00 inc VAT

Voted Which Best Buy 2014.

The Ultralite 480 is the ultimate transportable scooter compact and lightweight design, the 480 ensures you stay independent at all times. This scooter has a proven reputation for outstanding design and reliability. Easy to transport, the 480 can be dismantled in seconds; no cables to worry about, just quick release locks, convenient lifting handles and lightweight manageable components. Easy to stow, the 480 can be stored vertically in your home if space is an issue, and fits easily into most car boots when taken apart.

RRP: £2,495.00 £1,205.00 £1,446.00 inc VAT
The Liteway 4 Plus, high performance all-rounder is daringly different thanks to the unique styling of the lightweight tubular frame and innovative...

£799.00 £958.80 inc VAT

NEW!! The Veo Sport is fully loaded with features. A modern, sporty design with class leading all-round suspension. With 22Ah batteries, a superb capacity for a scooter of its size, affording a range of up to 13.5 miles. A padded delta tiller and luxury seat, detailed with unique white accent stitching, the Veo Sport is a real pleasure to ride.

The Veo Sport's easy and robust take apart mechanism allows you to store or drive away with it in the boot of your car, so it is very practical yet with its distinctive looks, exclusive all-round suspension, this is the travel scooter with the edge!

RRP: £1,695.00 £1,286.00 £1,543.20 inc VAT
The Eclipse offers maximum mobility wherever life takes you, great performance with superb levels of stability, manoeuvrability and class-leading ground...

Minimum quantity for "ECLIPSE" is 1.

RRP: £1,537.00 £655.00 £786.00 inc VAT
The Rascal Veo is a robust and highly manoeuvrable travel scooter that is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It has among the best legroom of any...

RRP: £1,870.00 £1,015.00 £1,218.00 inc VAT
The Liteway Balance Plus features increased legroom, ease of steering and optimum manoeuvrability, the enhanced design features of the Liteway Balance Plus...

RRP: £1,620.00 £765.00 £918.00 inc VAT
The Rascal Veo X is a robust and highly manoeuvrable travel scooter that is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It has among the best legroom of any...

RRP: £2,499.00 £2,190.00 £2,628.00 inc VAT

RRP: £949.00 £499.00 £598.80 inc VAT
Includes Delta Bars as standard and Drive splitting mechanism. The Scout is ideal for use indoors and outdoors where the terrain is forgiving (e.g. smooth...
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£699.00 £838.80 inc VAT

The Drive Mercury Prism 3 Travel Mobility Scooter is a three wheeled, lightweight mobility scooter, which comes in a variety of colours; blue, champagne, red, green, orange, mid-blue, purple, pink or yellow, no other scooters on the market offer such a wide variety of colours to choose from. Charging your Mercury Prism 3 Travel Mobility Scooter is made very easy as the battery can be charged either on the scooter via the tiller mounted charging socket or off the scooter direct into the battery pack, Transporting the scooter is also very straight forward as it splits into 5 component parts, the heaviest part being only 19.1kg. Its three wheeled configuration allows the user extra leg room over its four wheeled counterpart as well as improved manoeuvrability and a tighter turning radius.

Minimum quantity for "DRIVE MERCURY PRISM 3" is 1.

£1,149.00 £1,378.80 inc VAT

The Shoprider Valencia is a great mobility scooter for those who are looking for a larger transportable scooter. It’s dimensions allow it to accommodate a larger person (up to 21 stone) and provide the user with a much improved ride quality over a standard travel scooter , which is further improved by the padded, high back seat and solid tyres.

This is a transportable scooter and the clever design makes it simple to lift in and out of your car. The two 34ah batteries are housed in individual packs, this allows the batteries to removed one at a time. The swivel seat is removable and then once the tiller has been folded flat, the rear section of the scooter is easily disconnected from the front. The Roma Valencia can be seperated into five components for easy transportation or storage.

In addition to the swivel function, the padded seat can also be adjusted forwards and backwards, this coupled with the adjustable tiller, makes finding the optimum seating position very easy. The Shoprider Valencia is available in a chioce of two colours, red or blue.

Minimum quantity for "SHOPRIDER VALENCIA" is 1.