The Rollability Scheme enables anyone with restricted mobility to get mobile.

Rollability provides an immediately affordable, worry free way for anyone with restricted mobility to lease a scooter or powered wheelchair for a monthly fee. In exchange for this the monthly fee includes the lease of the scooter or powerchair you choose, service and repair costs and insurance and breakdown cover for all of the three years of the agreement. This means you know exactly what your monthly costs will be and can budget to cover these without any worry of unexpected extra bills.

Unlike the Motability Scheme (where you can only join if you are receiving Disability Living Allowance or a Personal Independence Payment), our Rollability scheme is much more flexible. For example with the Motability scheme you must be receiving DLA or PIP allowance and you have to use this payment. You are restricted on which supplier you can deal with, the period of the agreement and even the model scooter or power chair you can have. In comparison, our Rollability scheme is available to anyone (subject to status) whether you are receiving DLA or PIP’s or not. You chose the period of agreement you want and there are no limitations on the make or model of the scooter you can choose.

Rollability gives you greater flexibility on the package that is most suitable for you.

Overview of how the scheme works:

1. First and most importantly we work with you to identify your specific needs. This will consider your restricted mobility, where you want to use the product and even the suitability of your home for storage and access.

2. We then select and recommend the most suitable scooter or powerchair that satisfies your needs.

3. With you, we agree the exact services and support that suits your needs and calculate the monthly cost to you.

4. We then help you to complete the Rollability application and finance request

5. Once your finance application is accepted and you are completely happy, you sign and we deliver!

6. We fully demonstrate your product and provide you with all the supporting information for it’s use and care.

7. At the end of the agreed term, you hand your scooter or powerchair back, we set up a new agreement and deliver a brand new scooter or power chair to you.

Click here to contact us to have a first discussion on how Rollability can help you. You are under no obligation to take it any further, we would be happy just to help.